Antrim County

ACHL Div 2

ACHL Div 2 2013

Carey Faughs v Armoy

Sunday 27th July 2013:

Carey Team:

(1) Steven McGinn; (2) Sean McBride; (3) Michael Hegarty; (4) Michael McVeigh; (5) Fionntan McCarry; (6) James McCouaig; (7) Colm McBride; (8) Patrick McBride; (9) Nataniel Hunter; (10) James Black; (11) John McBride; (12) Christopher Butler; (13) Sean McLoughlin; (14) Martin McAuley; (15) Fiachra McVeigh.


(23) Daniel Hill on for (4) Michael McVeigh (43min 35sec);

(25) Emmet Hunter on for (7) Colm McBride (43min 35sec);

(16) Leon McVeigh on for (15) Fiachra McVeigh (50min 25sec);

(20) Conleth McVeigh on for (14) Martin McAuley (50min 25sec);

(19) Daniel McAllister on for (10) James Black (55min 20sec);

(17) Christopher Duncan;

(18) Gerard McBride;

(21) Paddy McAlonan;

(22) Conor O'Brien.


James Black: 0-2 (0-1 from a free)

Christopher Butler: 1-2

Emmet Hunter: 0-1

Nataniel Hunter: 0-1

Martin McAuley: 2-1

John McBride: 0-4 (0.1 from a free)

Sean McLoughlin: 1-1

Conleth McVeigh: 1-0

Fiachra McVeigh: 0-1

Leon McVeigh: 0-1

Match Report:

Carey Faughs 5-14 Armoy 0-8

This local derby saw Carey comprehensively defeat neighbours Armoy by 21 points. Carey broke through the Armoy defence on numerous occasions finding the back of the net 5 times and despite a mountain of Carey wides Armoy were unable to capitalise and punish the men in green.

Armoy started on the attack but Steven McGinn cleared the pressure and then Trevor Linton's shot also dropped to Steven. Carey then pressed but Nataniel Hunter's effort sailed wide. An Armoy free by Lee Forsythe from 70 metres was unlucky to hit the post and Owen Kinney's rebounded shot went wide.

The first score of the match came from James Black in the third minute and was quickly followed by a Sean McLoughlin point when he hooked an Armoy defender, won the ball back and sent it over. John McBride added 2 more, the first a one-two between John and James 'Rocket' Black and the second a long range free.

Armoy's first score of the game was courtesy of a Lee Forsythe 60 metre free in the 7th minute. Chrissy Butler added a Carey point followed by Owen Kinney and David McToal points for the visitors leaving just 2 between the sides.

Martin 'Cubby' McAuley's sideline dropped to Conor Devlin's paw and Devlin was called into action again a minute later to save a Patrick McBride shot on goal. Carey then cleared some Armoy pressure and Colm McBride sent the ball up to John McBride who played the ball into the forward line where Chrissy Butler made a great catch, turned and split the posts.

Carey were on the attack once more and a Martin McAuley shot on goal was once again saved but Sean 'Chucky' McLoughlin was alert and his rebounded shot beat the keeper. Carey and Armoy had a few wides before Lee Forsythe found the target for Armoy. A couple of wides for each side followed before Fiachra McVeigh scored for the home side but this was quickly cancelled out by a Trevor Linton point. Two goals from Martin Cubby, the first from the left wing well outside the square which beat the keeper and bounced off the inside of the far post and the second just 30 seconds later, ended a good first half for the home side as they went into the break 11 points to the good.

Half time score: Carey 3-7 Armoy 0-5

Armoy were first out of the blocks after the restart and drew a free within the opening 15 seconds which Lee Forsythe converted. The visitors had another opportunity within 45 seconds from a placed ball but John Dillon's effort from around 70 metres dropped short. A Carey 70 metre free by Rocket dropped short to Conor Devlin but the young keeper's confidence was low after the first half goals and he dropped the ball which Martin Cubby gladly picked up and sent over the bar.

In between a couple of Carey wides Lee Forsythe converted another free for the visitors. Nataniel Hunter then received the ball from Black and taking numerous tackles battled his way through and sent the ball over the bar for an emphatic point. Forsythe converted another placed ball but John McBride replied with a Carey point a minute later. James Black found the target with a 40 metre free before substitutes Leon and Conleth McVeigh, having been on the pitch less than a minute, combined to set Chrissy Butler up for another Carey goal. This spurred Carey on further as James Black ran in on goal but his kicked effort went wide. Leon McVeigh added another point before Patrick McBride's shot was saved by the keeper but Conleth got the rebound and blasted the ball into the back of the net for goal number 5. Another substitute Emmet Hunter added a further point and John McBride finished the match with a point when Steven McGinn found him from a free in Carey's own half.

Full time score: Carey Faughs 5-14 Armoy 0-8