Antrim County

ACHL Div 2

ACHL Div 2 2013

Carey Faughs v St Galls

Sunday 18th August 2013:

Carey Team:

(1) Steven McGinn; (2) Sean McBride; (3) Fionntan McCarry; (4) Daniel Hill; (5) Emmet Hunter; (6) James McCouaig; (7) Michael McVeigh; (8) Colm McBride; (9) Nataniel Hunter; (10) James Black; (11) John McBride; (12) Patrick McBride; (13) Sean McLoughlin; (14) Christopher Butler; (15) Cathal McAuley.


(23) Patrick Butler on for (12) Patrick McBride (42min 20sec);

(24) Fiachra McVeigh on for (13) Sean McLoughlin (50min 30sec);

(16) Leon McVeigh;

(17) Christopher Duncan;

(18) Gerard McBride;

(19) Daniel McAllister;

(22) Conor O'Brien.


James Black: 0-4 (0-4 from frees)

Christopher Butler: 1-1

Emmet Hunter: 0-4 (0-1 from a free and 0-3 from 65's)

Colm McBride: 0-1

James McCouaig: 0-1

Sean McLoughlin: 0-1

Match Report:

Carey 1-12 St Galls 3-11

The tempo of this top of the table clash was determined by both the wind and some bizarre refereeing decisions which enraged management, players and spectators of both sides alike. With the wind behind them St Galls dominated the first half and had a 10 point lead going into the break. Carey came out a different side in the second half and held St Gall's scoreless for the first 15 minutes, limiting them to just 3 scores in this half, but the first half deficit was just too much to overcome and a killer St Gall's goal on the blow for full time gave the visitors the win with 5 points to spare.

A Karl Stewart 21 metre free in the opening 20 seconds got the scoreboard ticking for the visitors and another 21 metre free a minute later saw Stewart find the back of the net. A James Black free opened the scoring for the home side but Carey followed this with a couple of wides. Eamon Cooke added another point for St Galls before a long range Emmet Hunter free found Chrissy Butler to cancel out Cooke's effort.

St Gall's had a couple of wides of their own before Karl Stewart sent one over the bar. Colm McBride claimed one back for the men in green but a Ciaran McCaffery point and 2 Karl Stewart points from a free and a penalty saw the visitors begin to stretch away.

Carey began to press but despite the ball batting about inside the 21 metre line for a good minute or two no-one was able to finish it off with a score. Carey had a couple of wides from placed balls but James Black then settled himself to convert a 30 metre free to leave 6 between the sides. Karl Stewart was on target again from the placed ball and a minute later Antoin McCaffery rattled the back of the net when his shot took a deflection. Carey responded with a Sean McLoughlin point when full back Colm McBride cleared some St Gall's pressure and his clearance found Sean. A Karl Stewart sideline cut sailed over the bar just before the whistle for half time and the visitors had a comfy 10 point advantage going into the break.

Half time score: Carey 0-5 St Galls 2-9

Carey had the wind in the second half and opened with a Chrissy Butler goal within 45 seconds when Piarais McCaffery saved a Fionntan McCarry shot and Chrissy Butler blasted the back of the net with the rebound. James Black converted a 40 metre free before the crossbar denied Chrissy Butler goal number two.

An Emmet Hunter converted 65' and James Black converted free got the home side within 4 of the St Gall's men but Carey had 3 wides in a row and St Gall's then got their second half scoring off the mark with a Karl Stewart free in the 15th minute. A Niall O'Neill point was cancelled out by an Emmet Hunter 65'. James McCouaig added a brilliant individual long range point for the Carey men before Emmet Hunter converted another 65'. Emmet Hunter sent a free from the midfield area over the bar but the Carey comeback ended when Karl Stewart's sideline cut dropped into the back of the net for a controversial goal on the blow for full time as the home side claimed keeper Steven McGinn was being impeded.

Full time score: Carey 1-12 St Galls 3-11