North Antrim

Junior League 2012

North Antrim Junior League 2012

Carey Faughs v Loughgiel


Tuesday 8th May 2012:


(1) Darren McVeigh; (2) Paddy McAlonan; (3) Conor O'Brien; (4) Sean Gillan; (5) Leon McVeigh; (16) Gerard McBride; (17) Paul Devlin; (8) Kevin Murphy; (9) Patrick Butler; (10) Eamon McBride; (11) Daniel McAllister; (12) Patrick McBride; (13) Conleth McVeigh; (14) Colin Smyth; (15) Ciaran McCaughan


(19) Fiachra McVeigh on for (9) Patrick Butler (36min 20sec);

Pat Murphy;

Gerard McAuley.



Paul Devlin: 0.1

Daniel McAllister: 0.6 (0.3 from frees; 0.1 from a 65')

Patrick McBride: 1.1

Ciaran McCaughan: 0.4

Kevin Murphy: 0.1

Colin Smyth: 2.3


Match Report:

Carey's second junior game of the season was another high scoring and entertaining encounter. Carey were off the mark first after Gerard McBride robbed the ball from Loughgiel in the half back line and sent the ball up the field to Ciaran McCaughan who sent it over the bar after just 30 seconds. Within the next few minutes Carey added 2 more points before the visitors got on the scoreboard with a point. A minute later Carey's Daniel McAllister converted a free from midfield and Loughgiel replied with another point. Approaching the 9th minute Carey went low from a 20 metre free but the Loughgiel keeper saved it pushing it out for a 65' which Daniel McAllister sent over the bar. Within a minute Loughgiel won a free sending it over the bar and after a wide apiece Loughgiel scored another point to reduce the deficit to 1 with 15 minutes played. After another couple of wides by both sides over the next few minutes Loughgiel got on the scoreboard again to level things after 17 and a half minutes. The home side replied straight away with a point by Colin Smyth set up by Kevin Murphy. Still on the attack Carey hit the post and Conleth McVeigh managed to keep the ball in play for Colin Smyth to find the back of the net to increase the gap to 4. With the bit between their teeth Carey added a further 2 points to lead by 6 after 22 minutes but Loughgiel weren't lying down, kept pressing and the ball was cleared a couple of times but not far enough as Loughgiel scored a hard earned point. Carey added a further point but Loughgiel ended this half strongly with 3 unanswered points to leave just the goal between the sides.

Half time score: Carey 1.9 Loughgiel 0.9

Loughgiel went on the attack straight away but Carey's full back cleared his lines and Carey made their way up the other end of the pitch to add a point. A goalkeeping mistake led to a goal for the visitors half a minute later but Carey replied quickly with a point by Ciaran McCaughan, set up by Patrick McBride. Following a couple of wides Loughgiel added 2 further points before a sideline by Kevin Murphy was blocked down by the keeper only to fall to Patrick McBride who sent it into the back of the net. Carey added another point from a free but Loughgiel replied with a goal approaching 9 and a half minutes to leave just 1 between the sides in favour of the home team. In an exciting spell of play Carey pointed and Loughgiel converted a 25 metre free, Carey then hit the post but Kevin Murphy found the rebounded ball and sent it over the bar. Play then went straight up the other end of the field and Loughgiel got 2 very quick goals, 1 of which the keeper misjudged and put his hand up but it dropped in over his head. With play just going from one end of the pitch to the other within less than a minute Carey also found the back of the net to leave a point between the sides once more but this time in favour of the visitors with 15 minutes played. Carey converted a free to level proceedings but Loughgiel added a point 2 minutes later. Loughgiel converted a free after 22 minutes to keep 2 between the sides. A point apiece were then exchanged before Loughgiel once again finished strongly to score 3 unanswered points in the last 2 minutes of play to win by 5.

Full time score: Carey 3.16 Loughgiel 4.18