Tain League 2013


Tain Club Hurling League Division 2A 2013

Naomh Colum Cille v Carey


Saturday 16th February 2013:

Carey Team:

(1) Steven McGinn; (2) Sean McBride; (3) Fintan McCarry; (4) Daniel Hill; (5) John McBride; (6) James McCouaig; (7) Colm McBride; (8) Patrick McBride; (9) Michael McVeigh; (10) James Black (captain); (11) Cathal McAuley; (12) Martin Hunter; (13) Patrick Butler; (14) Christopher Butler; (15) Fiachra McVeigh



(16) Martin McAuley on for (14) Christopher Butler (46mins 30secs);

(17) Conor O'Brien on for (9) Michael McVeigh (49mins 40secs);

(18) Sean McLoughlin on for (15) Fiachra McVeigh (40min 10sec);

(22) Nataniel Hunter on for (13) Patrick Butler (40min 10sec);

Conleth McVeigh;

Sean Gillan.


Carey Scorers:

James Black: 0.7 (0.4 from frees)

Christopher Butler: 1.0

Patrick Butler: 0.1

Martin Hunter: 0.3

Cathal McAuley: 0.2

Colm McBride: 0.1

John McBride: 0.1

Sean McLoughlin: 1.0

Fiachra McVeigh: 1.0


Match report:

Carey came flying out of the blocks and had a point on the board after just 40 seconds. Naomh Colum Cille's reply sailed wide 30 seconds later. Colm McBride came from wing half back with the ball to send over the bar for Carey's second point after 3 and a half minutes. A minute later a Carey effort went wide and following this a Naomh Colum Cille effort dropped short into the hands of the Carey keeper. A brilliant, accurate crossfield ball from James Black to Martin Hunter led to point number 3 for the visitors after 5 and a half minutes. A minute later a free led to Naomh Colum Cille's first point of the match. In the next minute young Fiachra McVeigh collected the ball in the left hand corner and made a run towards goal before driving it into the back of the net to give Carey a 5 point lead. Both sides had a wide apiece over the following minutes before Christopher Butler forced a fantastic save from the Naomh Colum Cille keeper leading to a 65' which wasn't converted. Carey continued mounting the pressure but their next 2 efforts also went wide. A point in the 14th minute was quickly followed by a converted 60m free to take Carey's lead to 7. Carey had another wide before a well worked point by Patrick Butler after James Black caught the ball in the midfield area and passed to Patrick McBride who sent the ball to corner forward Patrick Butler. Carey keeper Steven McGinn was called into action to make a sliding block in the 18th minute and was quickly followed by a Naomh Colum Cille free which was converted by Shea McKiver. Martin Hunter got Carey's 7th point approaching 23 and a half minutes and Naomh Colum Cille replied just 30 seconds later with a point by Brian Rua Taggart. Carey had 2 more wides before Naomh Colum Cille added their 4th point courtesy of Ryan O'Neill. Christopher Butler blasted home Carey's second goal after 29 minutes following some great Carey build up. A Naomh Colum Cille free was converted by Seamus O'Hagan and almost straight away they pressurised again but Steven caught the high dropping ball. The first half ended with Carey's James Black converting a 60m free to give the visitors a 9 point advantage going into the break.

Half time score: Naomh Colum Cille 0.5 Carey 2.8

After just 10 seconds of the restart Naomh Colum Cille's effort by Rory O'Neill drifted wide. James Black made no mistake converting a 50m Carey free after 1 minute but his next effort just 30 seconds later sailed wide. In the third minute corner back Daniel Hill worked hard to clear the ball up the line as far as Colm McBride who pulled the ball hard along the ground as far as Christopher Butler. Christopher passed the ball to Martin Hunter who sent the ball between the posts for a well worked Carey point. Approaching 5 minutes Naomh Colum Cille substitute Paul MĆ³r O'Neill's effort was collected by Steven McGinn and cleared. Carey had a wide and a 65' that dropped short in the following minutes. Naomh Colum Cille also couldn't find the target with a wide of their own approaching the 9th minute. A ball from Martin Hunter found James Black who got Carey's 11th point of the day in the 11th minute. Naomh Colum Cille replied with a converted Seamus O'Hagan free. Naomh Colum Cille hit a wide and Steven was also called to catch 2 high balls by the home side over the following minutes. James Black converted another Carey free approaching 16 minutes and John McBride added another Carey point within 30 seconds to give the visitors a 13 point lead. With Carey making a number of changes in this half Naomh Colum Cille took advantage and Paul MĆ³r O'Neill blasted home a goal after 17 minutes, with the home side adding a further point a minute later to reduce the deficit to 9. Both sides had 3 wides apiece over the next 7 minutes before the Carey substitutes began to find their feet and the side settled again with substitute Sean McLoughlin catching the ball and firing it to the back of the net for Carey's third goal of the match after 26 minutes. A minute later more slick play led to point number 14 for Carey starting from corner back Sean McBride who made a run through and played the ball to Sean McLoughlin who handpassed to Martin Hunter. Martin played the ball back to Cathal McAuley who made a run through the middle from midfield to send the ball between the posts. Following Sean McLoughlin's goal he now had a taste for it and drove low with his next effort but hit his own player as he made a run across goal. Carey ended the match with a point by James Black for a well earned 14 point victory.

Full time score: Naomh Colum Cille 1.7 Carey 3.15